Give Fresh Look To An Old Lehenga

Despite how much effort we had put on picking our wedding dress or lehenga , but with time it looses it's charm and slowly and slowly goes deep inside our wardrobe bin.
I had shown same expected behaviour towards my wedding lehenga but realised that has not worn it ever again , that's the shame right , we spent hours and hours , time , money and energy and finally dump the most important wardrobe piece in dark place to be never seen again.
And once again my mom gave me a lehenga saving super duper idea :) , for that my dear friends keep reading.....!!.

This is the old look of my wedding lehenga.
Give Fresh Look To An Old Lehenga

Let's see how to Give Fresh Look To An Old Lehenga...

Tadaaa , that's the new look , just mere change of upper top of lehenga , my old wedding lehenga got brand new look.
I used velvet fabric in contrasting green colour which goes perfectly with Orange and yellow colour family.What do you guys think ???
Give Fresh Look To An Old Lehenga

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  1. good to see back......may be after one week.....great tip

  2. Priya Choudhary21 January 2014 11:04

    seriously i also want to revamp my wedding attire... never wore that in last 6 years, thanks for sharing Yuvi :)